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The Best Mussels in the Country?

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We love receiving feedback from our customers so when we spotted this blog post from blogger, Vickaboo, we were over the moon.

After her recent visit to The Palazzo, Victoria shared her experience, as well as a rundown of the best mussel dishes she's eaten on her travels. We're delighted to say that she ranks our Cozze Del Palazzo dish as the best in the country! Read an exert of her blog post below.

I am such a foodie, we all know this. I sometimes think I would be better off writing a food blog! One of my favourite foods is seafood, more specifically, mussels. I adore mussels, never used to like them in fact they used to gross me out, but one night at a business dinner, in a seafood restaurant with a limited menu...and one bowl of seafood linguine, I was converted!

So, sourcing mussels is a taboo subject, right? I can't really trust having mussels somewhere that is away from any kind of cold or salt waters, it's logical, the further you are away from cold water, the further your cold water fish have to one likes a carsick mussel!

Mussels can come in a few variations, in a tomato sauce, a garlic sauce, in a pasta or risotto or even in a white wine sauce, which is by far my favorite way to eat mussels. I found a few locations in the United Kingdom that I have traveled to, seriously know how to do mussels right, which is super important as you do not want a dodgy belly from dodgy seafood. Seafood is a delicacy, it has to be handled with care and cooked to perfection, otherwise your mussels...will taste snotty and horrible. So if you are a sea-food snob and want to stuff your gob...keep reading.

1. The Palazzo, Burnley.

I am going to make the assumption that due to being up north, and closer to Scotland (famous for delicious mussels) that the mussels up north are good, boy, were these mussels good. I was actually eating with a friend who was laughing at how quickly I finished the bowl. The Palazzo call this dish, COZZE DEL PALAZZO, and it's a very generous sized bowl of mussels in a delicious, slightly creamy, white wine and garlic sauce. You can seriously taste how fresh these mussels are, and the sea-food is delivered here daily, it's super fresh and these were perfectly cooked, I actually had this as a main and found I was perfectly satisfied, not too full but definitely still not hungry. I mean, you can even see by my picture of this dish. I only had an iPhone, no camera to snap, but the mussels were perfectly pink, and the sauce was perfect for dipping when you eat all those tasty mussels! Good job The Palazzo! I could seriously eat these again and again!

We would like to say a big thank you to Victoria for sharing this lovely review and we hope to see you again soon!

Hello Burnley! The Palazzo is now open!

Published in The Palazzo Blog

“This has truly, truly been a labour of love to create a stunning Italian restaurant in the centre of Burnley.”

We’ve gone through a few hundred metres of cable, thousands of nails & screws, litres & litres of paint and far too many sleepless nights to bring you what we hope will be Burnley’s premier destination.

So what can you expect from The Palazzo?
Firstly we are an ‘any time of day’ venue so you can join us from 12.00 noon daily until late. Drop in for lunch - We’ve got paninis on offer, served on your choice of Italian bread & burgers with our signature purple slaw. We couldn’t resist giving them individual names in recognition of The Palazzos’ history of previously being a bank. Check out our snack menu & have a giggle (or a groan)! Fancy something lighter? Opt for The Palazzo house salad & add one of our 4 delicious choices. You can choose from this menu up to 6.00pm.

If you enjoy different tastes, check out Il Cichetti. Like Spanish tapas, these are served in bàcari (Italian bars) across Italy. Being small dishes, you can choose just one to enjoy with a glass of Prosecco or several for variety. We’ll be serving these throughout the day. Or try the Gran Piatto Rustico – leisurely pick at tasty hams, Mediterranean vegetables, olives & our home-made pâté.

Just fancy something sweet?
Whilst you take a break from shopping, rejuvenate in our lounge bar with a cappuccino & home-made cake. Changing daily, ask our team what’s on offer today.

“Buon Appetito”
Our wood fired, in-house pizza oven makes the most divine traditional Italian pizzas. You don’t have to trust me, just try them for yourself. Choose one from our menu or add your favourite toppings to a Margherita to make it your own The a la carte menu is available every day from lunch thru’ dinner in our elegant restaurant. Choose from our wide selection of Italian pasta dishes, starters & main courses. We will also have daily specials to tempt your palate. So whether it’s for a celebration or an intimate dinner, we’re sure you’ll enjoy The Palazzo Italian Restaurant & Lounge Bar.

You don’t have to dine with us!
The Palazzo Lounge Bar is open daily with our baristas serving soft & alcoholic drinks & a wide range of hot beverages. In the evening, the mood changes as we swing into ‘chillax mode’. Wines served by the glass, chilled beers on draught or you can try one of our amazing cocktails – the Palazzo Bellini gets my vote! And best of all you can join us into the small hours; Smart casual attire or dress up!

So come and ‘chink’ a glass in “Saluti!”, with friends at The Palazzo at Burnley.

Call in or call our friendly team on 01282 902123 now
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